A beautifull family!

About Me

My name is Kelly Stamps.  I live in Northwest Arkansas.  I grew up in a tiny town in Arkansas as a Southern Baptist preacher’s daughter and went to college at Ouachita Baptist University.  I met my husband Scott on a blind date and we married one month before I turned 30.  We have almost been married 9 years!

 We tried for over 3 years to have a baby and were blessed with our miracle daughter Harper.  Harper was born not breathing and we were told she wouldn’t live through the night. She was air flighted to a different state and spent a month in the NICU.  She recovered and is now almost 3 and a half and is a strong willed, hilarious, precious girl who keeps me on my toes.

 We were surprised with another pregnancy and we now have a second daughter Hollis who is 15 months old and is such a sweet and funny, curly headed little toddler.  I am crazy in love with my two girls and love dressing them up and spending every day with them as a stay at home mom.

My passion is my relationship with my saviour  – Jesus Christ! I blog so I can keep a record of our lives as a scrapbook but I also love having the opportunity to share my faith with the readers of my blog.  I also love SEC football (Go hogs!), Sonic vanilla diet cokes (I have an addiction), reality TV, Big bows and smocked dresses on girls, laughing with my amazing group of friends, the David Crowder Band, mexican food and red velvet cake!

I love all the amazing people that the blog world has allowed me to get to know!!

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, no it’s SUPER GIRL!

Hollis is going home with my parents tomorrow for a week so she won’t be here for Halloween.  I am a little crazy about Family themes for costumes.
Are y’all surprised? I love matching clothes.
Of course I love family themes.  I realize this won’t work forever but as long as I can – we will roll with it. 

My girls LOVE super heroes so I started planning back in the spring/summer.  I collected costumes when I could find them.  Chick-fil-a was having Costume Night tonight so we decided to dress up so we could do something with Hollis.  
Me and my girls! 

Scott is a great sport.  I beg him a lot and he really loves his girls.  
The batman suit was a little snug and it TERRIFIED Hollis – like she was running from him screaming.  So he didn’t wear the costume to eat.  But he said he would wear it Thursday night when we take Harper out. 
My friend Kacy told us to come by so we could at least trick or treat one house so we did and my girls were THRILLED! 

I don’t know which year I have liked best – Farm Family, Bee Family or Super Heros.  I’m already trying to think about what we can be next year! We will still get to have fun on Thursday!

We are ready to save the world!

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