– Come my love!

 Difficult days come upon mankind. Nightmarish days. In Brazil hundreds of parents this year to mourn the death of their children victimized by a fire in a nightclub. In one town hundreds of Indian pilgrims died in a religious procession. The world demonstrates darkness, depths and pains.
But the sad world waits in suspense tremendous change.
We wish strongly that there is joy instead of pain. Our films are full of novels and reunions. Our dances are lit by steps masterful drawing on floor life Our eyes are continually grounded in hope. Love the wind and the rain! Leaves falling from the trees bring us the memory after the fall, the winter will come, soon we’ll dance in the spring. We long to live eternally in love. We dream of the conquest of space and spaceships able to cross the infinite at the speed of light.  

We wants participate of dreams of Priyanka. We want share the joy of children. We attended the vocation to eternity. And marvel at the majesty of life. And the mystery of the Passion. But our selfishness destroyed the world. And our failures soiled our clothes white as snow Divine heritage in our hearts.  

Therefore he who shouts loved the world so he gave his own life to make our aspirations more than a dream Much more than just hope Cry the Beloved of God the Father:
– Come my love! Drinking the water of life! Before they spring day of mourning! Before the source shall not gushing over! Come receive power and spiritual authority! Receive strength to destroy demons! Power to raise the dead! Joy to overcome the pain! Faith to heal the sick! Faith to change the world! Faith to break the addiction of drugs! Breaking dependence on antidepressants! Come corrupt the pain with the joy of the visitation of angels! And personally witness comes to life as desired and dreamed of so many films on the screens In the stories of so many novels, In the texts of many books, In phrases of the most beautiful poetry,
Before that time ceases.


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