Zoella é um blog muito bonito em muitos aspectos. A simpatia da Zoe  o  torna especial,
Entre os três termos que o designam “Beauty, Fashion & Life”, dois se destacam: Beauty
and Life. 

Desejamos que todos possam um dia usufruir essa riqueza, ter boas coisas, viajar, recordar
de lugares belissimos, encher suas memórias de sons, cores, recordações memoráveis.

E desejamos a Zoe, que essa riqueza e beleza exterior sejam um reflexo
do que habita o seu coração.
Conhecendo que por certo milhões de meninas ao redor do mundo
não terão tais recursos, não viverão tais sonhos externamente.
Mas certamente o viverão em seu coração.
A alegria é uma dádiva que não depende tanto do muito que se possui,
mas do como o coração se comporta diante do muito que se possui.

E o nome Zoe, significa,

 Beijos, Zoe!


We hope that one day everyone can enjoy this wealth, have good things, traveling, remember

of beautiful places fill their memories of sounds, colors, memorable memories.

And wish Zoe, that wealth and outer beauty are a reflection

what inhabits your heart.

Knowing for certain that millions of girls around the world

not have such resources, such dreams will not live without.

But surely will live in your heart.

Joy is a gift that does not depend so much of it has,

but as the heart behaves on the lot that you own.

And the name Zoe means,


  Kisses, Zoe!

Welington José Ferreira


About Me

My name is Zoe, I’m 22 ( in 2009 perhaps) years young & a writer & enthusiast of all things “Beauty, Fashion & Life” related.

Once Upon A Time, In February 2009, after indulging in various other Beauty Blogs as a way to read up on the latest goings on in the Beauty world, I decided to join in on one very boring evening, and “Zoella” was born.

I chose to write about the things I liked, the things I’d purchased & other opinions on products in general. Before long, I had a small following of people that enjoyed reading what I’d written, and this was amazing in itself, as really, I’d never expected anyone to enjoy anything I’d written in my own little space on the Internet.

Months & Years passed, and the following grew to the 5 digit mark & now I’ve expanded into the scary realm of YouTube & My Blog posts are slightly more varied, covering beauty, fashion, life stories and some other controversial & health subjects thrown in for good measure. I’ve had the privilege of attending various events, trialing samples and meeting some truly amazing people along the way.

Thank You to everyone who takes the time out to comment and show such an interest in the things I have to say, I will continue to write and post videos just as long as you want to read and watch them, and I hope I’ve managed to help at least a handful of you in any area that you may have needed it.

A Day At Southwold

Very recently, I went to Norwich to visit my good friends Tanya and Jim. They took us to the cutest little seaside town called Southwold. Tanya is always going on about how quaint and lovely it was, and so we decided to spend the afternoon there. Being at the seaside isn’t the same unless you have some fish and chips, so obviously that is exactly what we did first. After that we strolled through the streets and we decided to go crabbing, something I did when I was very little but hadn’t done in a very long time. It was so much fun, we caught so many crabs, I was actually pretty impressed with the amount we all collected (and of course set free back into the sea). The place was so cute and we all had such a great afternoon crabbing and catching up in the sun! I love days like these. 

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