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Audio Book Podcast Sites

  • Librivox iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • Librivox should be your first stop when looking for audio books. It’s the biggest and best collection. Then there are the others.
  • Audiobooks with Annie iTunesFeedWeb Site
  • Audio Literature Odyssey iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • A collection of classics. Henry James, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, etc.
  • BMW Audio Books Web Site
    • Here you’ll find four short stories issued by BMW and Random House.
  • Chris Anderson Free: The Future of a Radical Price Zip File
  • Classic Poetry Aloud iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • These poetry podcasts provide readings of the great poems of the past.
  • Classic Tales Podcast iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • The whole point is to make unabridged classics not only available, but approachable.
  • iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • Podcasts that bring quality crime stories to an audience worldwide. Produced by crime writer Seth Harwood.
  • Escapepod iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • Collections of well-reviewed audio short stories.
  • Web Site
    • Audio versions of key texts from American history.
  • Great Books – A Chapter a Day iTunesWeb Site
  • Great Speeches in History iTunesFeedWeb Site
  • JC Hutchins iTunes Feed Web Site
    • The author of the 7th Son Trilogy has made available more than 200 hours of audio and video stories and interviews, all of which are available for free download.
  • Kara’s Free AudioBooks iTunesFeedWeb Site
  • Learn
  • Haverford College – Classic/Ancient Text Read Aloud iTunesWeb Site (see site for feeds)
  • Internet Archive
    • Listen to free audio books and poetry recordings courtesy of the Internet Archive.
  • Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture
  • Lit2Go iTunesWeb Site
    • An extensive collection of free audiobooks provided by the University of Southern Florida.
  • Literal Systems
    • Free classic books for your listening pleasure.
  • Litterature Audio
  • Naropa Poetics Audio Archives
    • Hosts audio recordings of the Beats — Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg and more.
  • The Penguin Podcast
    • Excerpts read from books newly published by Penguin UK.
  • Podiobooks
    • Provides podcasts of largely sci-fi books that we’ve never heard of before. But, you never know.
  • Podlit Classic Literature iTunesWeb Site
    • A new classic short story each week.
  • Poetry Aloud
    • A Directory of Poetry Readings on the Internet
  • Pseudopod iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • The world’s first audio horror magazine
  • Radioboeken iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • “Radiobooks” are just like books, but they will never be printed. They are created by important Dutch and Flemish writers, and will be available in French, English and Spanish versions in 2007.
  • Scott Sigler’s Audiobooks iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • Very well reviewed sci-fi horror works
  • Stories to Go iTunesFeedWeb Site
  • Stranger Things iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • This high-quality video podcast features stories of ordinary people stumbling into strange worlds (a la The Twilight Zone).
  • The Classic Tales Podcast iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • The Classic Tales Podcast makes unabridged classics not only available, but approachable. Includes professional performances.
  • The Public Domain Podcast iTunesFeedWeb Site
  • The Spoken Alexandria Project iTunesFeedWeb Site
  • The Time Traveler iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • Explores vintage American fiction. Orson Welles, Philip K. Dick, etc.
  • The Twilight Series
  • Utopod iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • A free French-language podcast, created by Lucas Moreno and and Marc Tiefenauer, that offers readings of fantasy and sci fi stories written by noted authors across the Francophone world.
  • Well Told Tales iTunesFeedWeb Site
    • Pulp fiction audio tales….!!!

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